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Welcome to Lucent Plus: Illuminating Insights

In the heart of the Caribbean, where the waves whisper tales of innovation and the sun shines on groundbreaking ideas, there emerged a beacon of clarity – Lucent Research. Born from a dream in a humble living room, it swiftly transformed into a philosophy that swept across the region, capturing imaginations and setting new standards in research.

At Lucent Plus, we’re inspired by this legacy. We’re not just a research agency; we’re your partners in understanding. With a blend of traditional and avant-garde methodologies, we delve deep into the minds of audiences, unearthing truths and sparking ‘aha’ moments. From probing focus groups to in-depth interviews, from brand audits to brainstorming sessions, our services are designed to illuminate the path to strategic decisions.

Our journey began in 2007, and today, with affiliations across eleven Caribbean territories, we stand as a testament to passion, teamwork, and innovation. Our clients, including industry giants like Carib Brewery Limited and Angostura Limited, have echoed our commitment to excellence, praising our expertise, innovative techniques, and actionable insights.

So, step into the world of Lucent Plus, where we merge inspiration with information, and where every piece of data tells a story waiting to be discovered. Let’s embark on this journey of understanding together, aiding decisions that shape the future.

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We’ve Been Building For Over 17 Years

Lucent combines traditional and innovative research methodologies, offering a comprehensive approach honed since 2007. With a presence across eleven Caribbean territories, they provide a holistic perspective backed by a passionate team. Their diverse services, from focus groups to brand audits, cater to all research needs. Endorsed by industry leaders for their excellence, Lucent consistently delivers clarity, actionable insights, and informed decision-making support, making them a premier choice in the research domain.

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Let’s Build Something Together

Merging your vision with our expertise, let’s craft something extraordinary. Your ideas, our execution – a partnership destined for greatness.

I'm interested in enhancing our company's brand and market presence. How can Lucent assist?

Lucent is adept at Brand Audits & Brand Equity Strategies and also offers Strategic Marketing & Communications services to boost your brand’s visibility and engagement.

Does Lucent offer training and consultation in research and data analysis?

Absolutely! Lucent provides Research & Data Analysis Training and also specializes in Market/Product Research Consulting.

Can Lucent assist with corporate restructuring and governance?

Yes, Lucent offers services related to Corporate Governance and Structure, as well as Organisational Structuring Consultation.

How does Lucent approach Stakeholder & Customer Relations?

Lucent prioritizes VOC & VOE Implementation Strategies, Customer Engagement & Loyalty Implementation, Consumer & Employee Immersion Strategies, and External Stakeholder Engagement.

What are the core services offered by Lucent?

Lucent specializes in Strategic Development & Planning, Stakeholder & Customer Relations, Organizational Management & Structure, and Research, Training, & Consultation.

Client Testimonials

“Lucent Research is a modern-day research house that produces and submits timely comprehensive multi-user reports which are user friendly and provide significant insight. Interactions with employees are positive and staff are knowledgeable, professional, and willing to assist in any capacity.”

Kwame Blanchfield

Senior Manager, Group Marketing and Communications, Republic Bank Limited

“From taking a chance with an optional small research provider over a decade ago, one in which we (CARIB) were their very first Client, we are now privileged to say that we have Lucent Research on board as one of our main providers of Research services to our Company”

Murisar Maharaj

Consumer & Shopper Insight Manager, Carib Brewery Limited

“Lucent Research has provided our company with the expertise and innovative techniques to unlock consumer insights for our brands. Ramon and his team are extremely organized and communicate the methodology and advice in a manner that has allowed us to arrive at solutions in a unique way.”

Lawn Davis

Operation Director,, Angostura Limited

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Lucent Research Limited P.O. Box 1024 Business Centre Port of Spain Trinidad, West Indies.

+1 868 235 4675